Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Went shopping for some bits tonight and I ended up buying a pile of cookbooks bigger then me.; not the hardest task admittedly but still. In it was Gwyneth Paltrow's cookbook "Notes from my Kitchen Table". I feel a bit bad for this mrs really. She seems to get a bloody load of stick for I can't see what really. I read a thing about her blog and book on the Heat website and it made me feel genuinely defensive of her. Don't ask me why, I couldn't bloody tell you and I think she is probably big enough to stick up for herself, but still... It said that she was a bit of an arse really and wrote "gems" such as 

“One cold wintry day in London, I was dreaming about salad ni├žoise.” 

Good luck to her!!
I'd love to sit and dream of salad Nicoise! If I'm not too busy trying to dress my pug up like a ladybird then I'm thinking about food. The way I see it, a blogs a very personal thing and I know how much time and love I put into this one and this is on a tiny scale. If you don't like the woman, don't go to her place. It's like not liking Cher and then going tiny outfit and surgery shopping with her, you just wouldn't. So I say leave Gwyneth alone and let her dream of Nicoise in peace.
(Also I'm baking some of her cookies as we speak, I'll let you know how they go... If there rubbish, I take it all back, the woman's a twit >__< )



  1. People just need to be nicer, I think. Why bash her because she was dreaming of food?! I was dreaming of cupcakes last night, and all day today! Haha!! How is the cookbook by the way? I am thinking of getting it!

  2. I know I just don't get some people... If i didn't dream of food i would literally not know what to do with my day... i'd probably have to be a grown up and get a real job instead of trying to be a writer!! The books coming along but its soooooo much work never mind finding anyone to make and publish it yet!! I need to test the recipes sooo many times to check that there flawless and then get other people to test them for me to make sure they are easy to follow and make sense blah blah blah...its a lotta work, but i'll get there! thanks for the support mrs!! >__<

  3. Haha, you're rather funny. I hope she isn't a twit... How did the baking turn out?

  4. she's a bit of a twit...lol... in my opinion they were a bit dry BUT I didn't have, nor did the supermarket and "spelt flour" so i had to use regular flour and maybe that makes a big difference so Im going to get some and try it again!! ^__^