Saturday, 4 June 2011

The Selleck Effect...

I think, after careful analysis, that it was my absolute unadulterated, unequivocal and undying love of Tom Selleck that did it. After watching him in Three Men and a Little Lady I was hooked and vowed that this man was the man for me. Of course I was about five at the time; I lived in England, he lived in America. He liked cigars and fine bourbons and I liked a good cold glass of milk and a bourbon biscuit, but non the less these were trifling matters and we would surely marry soon. It was this man that has tainted me for life. It is this man that has made me "one of them". It is this man who made me..... a moustache lover. 

I cannot look at a man now and not be instantly transported back to around 1991 when my eyes first grappled with the Selleck's manly features. So in a kind of tribute, but mainly, just cos i blummin' well love them; I've had a shop for all things moustache.



  1. i love mustaches! hahaha they are just too funny!

  2. I literally think everyones lives can be improved with moustaches!! >___<