Friday, 30 September 2011

more cute tattoo ideas today... I think Im heading in the tea direction... I like the idea of a bird in the cup...

^^love the simple style of this...and I love the colours in it..^^

I like the idea of the bird being an owl as everyone has swallows it seems (including moi!) 

Like the retro style in this one, It would go with the style of the tattoo on my foot!


HMMMMM much to think about! what do you guys like?? 


Thursday, 29 September 2011

decisions decisions decisions.....

Well Im still on the hunt for the perfect tattoo. After much "umming" and "ahhing" I have decided that I want to get the small tattoo on my arm lazered off! Scary I know.... and yes thats the worst picture its back to front and everything but you get the jist...I got it done a few months after I met the man, and I guess there must have been something good about it cos were together 5 years later but it's just such a badly done tattoo that I want something amazing to represent us not the scribblings of a man with three thumbs.. sooo Im looking into getting it lightened with lazers!! SCARY!!! It is meant to hurt like crazy but it will be worth it in the end I'm sure when I have some gorgeous piece of art on me! 

The themes I have been looking at are Tea Cups,

looove this it's sooo cute and it has a nice meaning to me...

My family is all about tea!! 

Still loving the Russian Doll idea too. I like the thought of that it's what's inside that counts...

I just loved this picture^^^ It makes me happy....

and the child inside me is still loving a bit of Disney

and Totoro....


Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Help! I need somebody!! Help! Not just anybody....

Hi there kiddles!!! Im imploring you all with big squidgey implorrey love to have a mosey on over to my other blog, and check it out!! follow it, love it, spread the word etc... and let me know your thoughts, they mean the world to me!!!! New recipes and kawaii joy soon i promise just been sooo snowed under I've hardly had time to wee!!! 


Monday, 22 August 2011

I want, I want, I want.....

Im completely in an I want, I want, I want selfish little witch mood at the minute...Don't know why and im going to try and restrain myself BUUUUUT before I do, I must say that I need (which id a very different thing...) these TOMS shoes... Plus if you buy a pair, they donate a pair to a child in need, so really I'm doing a service! Im nice like that... 


Monday, 15 August 2011

Because I'm an old lady, I've decided that this New Year (yes, I do realise that its august so probably shouldn't even be contemplating new year yet) I am staying in.... Im going to have a party at home and everyone has to come in their pj's and you have to bring your favourite thing to eat or cook... It's going to take med from now till then to figure out what it is i want to cook but my pj's are beyond sorted!! I want, no don't want NEED this!!!

I am coming as Max from "WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE" which is just one of the nicest films I have ever seen...Im suspending all other christmas requests, If i get this I will care about nothing else and will be as giddy as a kipper!! 


Hello kids!!! Please go to and have a look around.... its a bit good...


Thursday, 28 July 2011

Well it feels like I haven't been here in approximately 300 years... I've only gone and got an actual real persons job and my blogging seems to have been the wounded little animal in the whole piece. So I'm not going to be blogging as much which is very, very rubbish but I will blog as often as possible!! Promise! Brownie promise! Pinky promise!