Sunday, 12 June 2011

Back!! Well the pancakes were well received! I used the basic recipe for the low fat blueberry ones I do but I substituted the blueberries for some tinned peaches that I cut up into small nibbley pieces and popped in there. Luckily with my new baby Ethel (the Kitchenaid mixer to you kids) I didn't have to really flap about with a method as such and stuck everything in there and whisked it up. It made a fluffy light batter. Just because I thought they looked a bit plain, I opened up another tin of peaches and caramelised them with some icing sugar and they went down a treat. It gave everything a nice texture because we had the light and floaty pancakes with the juicy pieces of peach in there and then the crunchy toffee peaches on the top! Poy-fect!! 


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