Thursday, 2 June 2011

I seriously do not get our weather. Last week we had torrential style rain and high winds and this week, today in particular has been beyond glorious. So much so that only a picnic in the park would suffice to pass the time. I think there are two types of picnic's the kinda fancier ones where you go to a bit more effort and buy cous cous and bit's from M&S, but today was more of a Londis picnic as we had very little in the cupboard. There's a thing though isn't there I suppose, that when the weathers that glorious and the ice creams are that bountiful and theres puppies everywhere, you don't really care about cruddy sandwiches which are curling slightly at the corners or drinks that are spilled every two seconds; it's just nice to be out in it, regardless. 

Nessa, about to have her own puppy any day, though hers is decidedly more human...

Dolly trying to get in on a bit of cordial action

Noah has just given up and retreated to the shade, Alfie was getting a tan..

Dolly got too hot, ate a sandwich and did a sleep... all a bit too much for her, infact so much so, this is her and Noah at home now, asleep on the mans foot.

Another great thing about the weather is that its making all my plants shoot up. Im so looking forward to planting them all out and eventually having a munch on them. I need to think of some great recipes that are worthy of them all.



  1. Awww, sounds like a fun day! I wish it would get nice here. It's friggen June and we've had barely any sun.
    I bet that cute bag in one of the pictures is yours isn't it? I like it.
    Your plants look lovely, have fun planting them!

  2. oh this is our first and as it's england, probably last bit! Though apparently were gonna get a whole week so im v.happy with that!! coooome on butternut squash plant!! Do some growing now! Your on borrowed time!! I'm putting you a pic up of the bag and my Yes it is mine how could you tell?? ha >___<