Thursday, 30 June 2011

Hello kids. Sorry there hasn't been too much recipe posting of late. I've got the festival coming up that I told you about next weekend and the thought of how much I'm going to have to bake in the two days preceding is slightly terrifying me to say the least. So Im having a little breather before the big marathon next week. Like every marathon you do have to put in some work before hand and the amaretti biscuits were the final recipe that needed to be road tested. It took 16 batches of 4 different recipes but we now have something that I am happy with. I don't think they are a genuine amaretti biscuit; quite honestly I don't think I care- they taste damn good and that, to me is the most important thing. 

(I think the ones with the almonds look better!!) 

I think the reason that they don't seem traditional is that they seem not to have risen like those glorious little humped back beauties you get with a latte (have to say, Im usually more excited to get the free biscuit over my coffee) is that I popped an almond on the top. It may have made them not as beautifully mounded but it gave them a gorgeous chewyness. yum yum yum! 


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