Monday, 20 June 2011

Been working very hard on developing recipes at the minute, which kind of attributes to my general lack of posting and rubbishness and I can tell you something for free.....
Guinness cupcakes are hard!
I thought I had the perfect recipe but I gave it to one Uncle who said that it just didn't taste like guinness. Distraught is not the word! I was convinced that I had cracked it after batches and batches and bottles and bottles of the black stuff. I've put on about 900 stone due to my intense testing. To say this recipe has been a labour of love is an understatement. So I'm having a few days off. I'm getting a bit sick of seeing batter and I should probably invest shares in Fairy Liquid with the amount of the stuff I've used in this past week. 
So to stop me being depressed I've decided to treat my eyes to some pictures of lovely food instead of staring at brown batter for another day...



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