Tuesday, 7 June 2011

I have found THE most amazing sweets, there from japan and are called Puccho and I think i'm going to have to set up some kind of "Pucchos Anonymous"as these are addictive. I found them on the cutest website called ironically, Tofu Cute. 

They are one of the nicest, oddest sweets I have ever eaten. There kinda creamy on the outside then inside are these little jewels of chewy fruit flavouring in the centre. I bought the cherry, grape, blueberry and peach ones. I thought if I buy all the flavours then I'm getting the best knowledge of the product...haha, I know, I didn't believe it either... We'll after much chewy, munchy, fudgy analysis I've decided that I like the grape ones best, the man, he likes the blueberry ones. I urge you to go to Tofu Cute and buy some, stat. To be fair, I just urge you to go to tofu cute, they have some really great kawaii bits. I especially love the Rilakkuma Bento box and the Tofu phone holder.



  1. Love that shop, excellent kawaii stickers!
    just started following, when I read your 'about me' I had to laugh, its the same at my house.
    Lovely blog!

  2. It is such a good shop!! I think it may bankrupt me tho *shakes fists* ... so worth it ^_^ haha. and yay- so its not just my house thats crazy and over run by pugs and kawaii and hairdye and cupcakes...phhhhew! >___<

  3. Not gunna lie, you didn't make those sound delicious at all... Haha.
    Also, notice when I blog from my phone that I can comment as myself, hurrah!

  4. Gahh! Dammit! Well don't listen to me I'm a mad pug woman! ha! Just try and get hold of some and have a munch yourself...my witterings do not do them justice! >__<