Thursday, 2 June 2011

Just a little update. For one lovely, very beady eyed follower who spied my shopper bag in a previous posts picture, I thought i would put up a picture of it in all its amazing kawaii glory. I got it on my honeymoon in this amazing shop called Animation Addicts and if they had let me, I would have moved in. It was like heaven! I don't know if there big in America but we certainly don't get them here in England and this makes me beyond sad. To be fair its probably a good thing or the man would find himself wifeless and pennyless as i would have done a runner and spent all our savings on Sanrio luggage.

(being beautifully and skilfully modelled by the man) 

Another thing to update you on is the state of my noggin. It is finally looking good even though if my face in the picture is not...but hey ho, all in the name of blogging right?

(what could this woman ^^ mean?? my acting skills are second to none) 

I've washed and washed it and I think were there. Its exactly the colour that I imagined it would be when I dyed it. PLEASE STAY THIS COLOUR FOREVER!! 



  1. Yay for this post! I feel like it was made just for me. Your hair is looking lovely, as is Dolly. That bag is sweeeeet, but I've never heard of that store. (I live in Canada, but I make frequent shopping trips to the USA. Not a big deal, the USA is a 10 minute drive from where I live)

  2. Oh it can't be a big chain store then, sorta wish it was and then it might have come to England! Boooo! Yes that blog was mainly aimed at you lol. Best thing is I turned the bag over today and therea a recipe for cupcake icing on the bottom!! Double win! My hair is soooo faded now, bit sad still looks cute but this thing is hiiiiiiiiigh maintenance! Dammit!! And dolly says thank-you! She thinks she looks awesome! Is your Blogger working better now??