Wednesday, 1 June 2011

I know I'm an old lady when it comes to drinking and you can give me a cup of well brewed tea over a vodka anyday.. but when tea comes as cute as this- how could you say no? 



  1. Boooooo! I still can't comment from my blog. Weird...
    You sound so much like me in this post. I would much rather drink tea than some kind of alcohol. I'll go to a bar or a party and be thinking how good a cup of tea would be... *sigh* How did I turn into such an old lady?...
    These tea cups and cookies are sooo cute!

  2. Is there anyway you can get hold of blogger i wonder hhmm... It would be so much faffing to have to start a new page!! We are officially old dears, but i kinda like it! Tea is amazing and i shall not be changed lol. Yes they are soooo cute! i want a whole collection of them, in different colours!!