Wednesday, 22 June 2011

how terrifically exciting!!

Well it's not every day you talk to a hero of yours is it?? Tonight I literally nearly chocked on my tea when I received a tweet from non other then the ultimate baking goddess that is Harry Eastwood. If your saying "who?" then please leave immediately or prepare to be educated. Lady Eastwood is quite literally a woman that has changed my life. The bestest, most delicious secret is that she doesn't even know it! It's like the beautiful pink elephant hanging in the room. When myself and the man decided that we should be all married, it became very apparent to me that if I walked down the aisle looking like I did, well quite simply; I wouldn't have fit.We were destined to have a woodsy outdoor wedding simply to accommodate my ever expanding cake house (tummy) so I decided it was time to diet. One problem. I don't diet. It is a complete impossibility for me to give up chocolate. I think it is a scientific possibility that my blood is fuelled by Green and Blacks and giving it up would end me. So in steps my Cook Yourself Thin cookbook, swiftly followed by my now very worn in Red Velvet and Chocolate Heartache book written by the divine lady mentioned above. So with the help of this woman, a realisation that diets don't work but really a change of lifestyle and in a year and a half I have gone from.....

5 stone lighter and still very much eating sticky toffee cake. (please don't judge my previous chunkiness and just delight in my new found slimmer self) So Im not sure what will happen now. I can imagine that we will probably become the best of friends and spend our time swapping scrumptious recipes and being all girly and excellent! If we don't, which I kind of also have to accept is a possibility; I can be quite safe in the knowledge that I have spoken to, well typed to, the lady that changed me and that I have created an amazing elephant and also lost one from my tummy. 


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