Wednesday, 8 June 2011

cooking kawaii

I'm road testing a new recipe today. Batches one and two are out of the oven and resting and three is is the oven and they are my "Nutty Selleck's". For readers of my blog, you already know I have a thing for a beautiful moustache and in particular Mr Tom Selleck's, well just for Tom Selleck really, but still... SO when I posted my blog about him the other day it got me thinking that I could make my ode to the man cooking kawaii style and a moustache cookie seemed like the obvious choice. For love nor money could I get a moustache cookie cutter in England so I had to get a pair of lips and attack them with some pliers till i got a good shape.... Here's a little sneaky peak of batch 2.

 I'll keep you updated and will obviously publish the best recipe for you when I decide which one it is.



  1. Hahaha, that is awesome! If I ever come across a moustache cookie cutter I will let you know. Though yours turned out beautifully.

  2. You seem to be able to get the cutters everywhere in america but in england...nope!! just, nope!! I wanted proper curly vintage moustaches but im pretty please that my lips modified quite well. nearly lost a fingertip in the process but completely worth it... >__<