Thursday, 9 June 2011

I always think that it's quite hard coming up with names for recipes. I always want them to be fun but sometimes I just sound a bit of a fruitcake if Im trying to be a bit inventive. Today I don't care. I proudly present to you.....

This cake reminds me of a nun. It's obvious isn't it?? No? Well I was thinking whats mainly virtuous and guilt free but possibly with a little somethin' somethin' up their sleeve and I came up with a Nun. Not the scary kind that dam you to hell for eyeing up a delicious man, but I just though of Sister Act where she looks the epitome of innocence on the outside but has a dark side. If this cake was a person it would wear a cassock, drink JD and play dice in an alley. The sponge itself is guilt free, theres no butter in there and no flour, so thats its moral side. Then there's the interior, with its tart cherries and creamy; sweet, honeyed marscapone. That's where things take a bit of a naughty turn. I literally couldn't keep the man off this cake and he dived upon it before I had chance to fend him off with a tea towel. I suppose that, coupled with the fact that he finished his wodge in about 6 seconds is a testament to a success.


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