Friday, 7 January 2011

photo challenge day 3...

Well today is of course day three of this lovely little photo challenge. I really hope that others are doing this too and I'm looking forward to putting a little montage together at the end of the month. Today then is as follows-

Day 3 Your idea of the perfect first date
and as you can tell I'm a girl that dreams big....

This is of course a scene from the glorious "An Education" one of my most favourite films of all time. And I want to steal David and Jenny's Paris date. I know that it wasn't their first date but it would be my ultimate first date, hands down; no contest... To wander around Paris, finding antique book stalls, smoking Russian Sobranies, eating a picnik on the banks of the river with perfect French bread and beautiful wine listening to the dulcet tones of Juliette Greco- perfection. Of course, it goes without question that my date would be set in the 60's. The Man-Friend would be wearing, as did David an immaculate navy suit but with Raybans and I would undoubtedly be working a Chanel summer dress..

I don't think so much this is my idea of a first date, this is my idea of what heaven is; but there you go, it's my dream and as I said, I'm a girl that dreams big. 



  1. I love An Education!! How weird.
    You must be a million hours ahead of me because I just wake up and find your 30 Day pictures.

  2. I think Englands about 5 hours infront of Canada so Im sneaking ahead of you! Todays pic has been my face so far, I Looooove An Education! xoxo