Sunday, 2 January 2011

octopussy christmas

For Christmas from the man friend, I was lucky enough to get some of the most beautiful kitchen equipment I have ever seen. A few months ago we were having a little jolly round York and we found a new little shop, as is always the case when we visit it has to be said... Well we found the shop "Octopus" and he nearly had to purchase a shoehorn to cajole me out of the shop with. It its piled high with treats but it was the kitchen equipment that really sucked me in. It is some of the most fun and interesting I have ever seen and I instantly fell in love with the Chinese character rice bowl and steamer. That day though, we were shopping for everyone else's christmas presents and I very reluctantly left without a purchase :(

So it is needless to say that when christmas morning arrived and I unwrapped my Uncle Ho rice steamer and bowl I squealed like a small child. Sadly I have yet to use them but when the man friend returns from work I need to cook him a beautiful meal to say thankyou for my gorgeous presents! I had a little look on the website earlier and I have a bit of a wishlist of other delights from the shop, here for your perusal....


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