Sunday, 2 January 2011

Is this the best shop ever???

I am in actual shopping hell. Well technically heaven but I have to now save all my money for this wedding business and I don't think the man friend would deem any of these items as essentials... he is wrong...but I just don't see it happening. If you had to write up a list of my favourite things in life, it would easily include:

  • french bulldogs (my most favourite dogs in the world)
  • toadstools
  • anything kawaii
  • cats
  • kitchenwares
  • panda's

That's just for starters. So I am now in shoppers limbo after finding all of these treasures on Modcloth. Why oh why are you not in the UK? Gaaah! If anyone wants to buy me any of these I would be most grateful and I send you a massive smile as payment- and you can take that to the bank my friends..... I think I make a valid case. See exhibits 1-9:

I rest my case! ....Send me your money..please... :) 



  1. Yes-oh-yes, modcloth is amazing. Have you ever checked out They have a lot of adorable house things.

  2. England just doesn't have Modcloth! It's distressing!! Im completely in love with it! I've never heard of but I will definitely check it out!!! thanks for the tip!!! xoxo