Thursday, 30 December 2010

roller derby, donkey death, mexico city adventure...obviously..

I know blogs are pretty much self indulgent, your verbalising thoughts that normally you keep to yourself because you think that they would be boring and ridiculous and wouldn't interest anyone other then your internal monologue; well at least that's what I believe about my little blog... even though I have noticed that people are actually reading it (validation and success- yessss!) Anyway, anyway, anyway.... I was talking to someone today and we were talking about travelling- I loathe it, they worship it. I don't trust aeroplanes and said I would rather travel by donkey and rollerskates. They said I were more likely to die on a rollerskating donkey then on an aeroplane, I reasoned that I would happily die by donkey roller derby if my feet were within a few feet of terra-firma unlike an aeroplane, where I would plummet millions (yes millions) of feet to my rapid and explosive death. I cannot genuinely think of one person who would prefare the latter over the former. Anyway, anyway, anyway I said that I would only ever get on a plane for two reasons, my rapidly approaching honeymoon. Personally I would happily frequent Cornwall on a blissful bucket and spade holiday with Ice Cream, fresh Crabs and beach walks galore- swoon... whereas the man friend is incessant on the need for far off multi destination holidays with bright lights and big cities and tropical beaches galore....okay but not A1 in my little book, but hey-ho the things one does for love... The second thing that I said I would get on a plane for is Mexico... There are only two places I have ever wanted to visit, Paris and Mexico. I am a ridiculous homebody and the thought of leaving my humble abode for more then a few days brings me into a palpitacious state, but for Paris and Mexico, I can suffer... Paris I have done, but Mexico still beckons. I don't  mean the whole spring break, Cancun business. I want November, Day of the Dead celebrations but most of all I want to visit the blue house of Frida Kahlo. Upon my declaration my friend proclaimed their utter lack of knowledge on the glorious, wounded and triumphant Ms. Kahlo and I was shocked- how could they not know of my favourite artist of all time?! How ha they never heard her name, how is that even possible? So this blog entry is for them and for anyone else who has never heard of my beloved Frida. A small taster of some of her paintings and the beauteous Kahlo herself, yes the woman had a mono-brow and a moustache but I think she stomps Kate Moss into the mud, truly. 

  "Feet, what do I need you for when I have wings to fly? "

"I hope the leaving is joyful and I hope never to return" 


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