Monday, 27 December 2010

Chrimbily party treats

Orange, Ginger and Tia Maria truffles. 
Ingredients: (makes around 30-40 depending on how generous you are)

  • 220g of dark chocolate, good quality minimum 60% cocoa
  • 220ml of single cream
  • large thumb sized piece of ginger
  • 3tbsp of tia maria, this can be upped to 4tbsp of tia maria if you like it a little stronger, I like it to be subtle- its a taste thing and is up to your preference
  • 2tbsp of orange juice 
  • cocoa powder

  1. peel and grate your ginger, do this on a plate or chopping board so that you can collect all that delicious juicy pulp
  2. in a heavy bottomed pan, place your grated ginger pulp, tia maria, orange juice and cream
  3. slowly and gently warm the cream. never let the cream boil but warm till just before bubbling. the slow warming process really helps to infuse the flavours
  4. while the cream is warming, put the chocolate into a bowl and smash it to little bits! - fun!! 
  5. when the cream is warmed through, pour it through a sieve over your smushed chocolate and mix the two together
  6. once you have swirled the two together you should be left with a dark chocolate gloop. pour the chocolatey mess into a large, shallow dish and put in the fridge to set
  7. after around two hours you should be left with a glossy, firm slab of chocolate. all you then need to is scrape out a blob of chocolate, around the size of a grape and roll it between your palms. work quickly before the chocolate starts to melt and then pelt the ball into a plate of cocoa powder and roll it around with a fork or spoon or polly pocket- anything you like, though I would suggest sticking to the fork really....
  8. once the truffle is suitably covered set it aside and continue until there is no chocolate left and all that remains is a mound of beautifully dark chocolate pebbles. eat and eat and eat more - perfik!  


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