Friday, 17 December 2010

fake illness hair!

As you know, for what seems like an absolute age, I've been trying to sort out this whole henna/peroxide debacle. Well if you don't the short story is that I dyed my hair with henna but then didn't think about the fact that hair grows... The henna isn't strong enough to cover my roots and your not technically supposed to put a regular home hair dye with peroxide on your noggin as it can A-turn your hair pond green or B-sort of, a bit, make your hair fall off. So for a while I've been rocking some very strange two tone striped hair....not my best look! The thing is, I actually couldn't put up with the ridiculous hair much longer, I was making Katie Waissle's roots look subtle, so I dyed it! First of all I would never recomend to anyone to go against the safety instructions on hairdye as you can have ridiculously awful allergic reactions but I did it... and I have never been so terrified in my whole life! I decided a strand test was the way to go as at least if my hair did start to fall out, it would be underneath and no one would see it. A good plan I know. Well from putting it on to washing it off I became a compete and utter bag of nerves and completely convinced that my arms were starting to go numb, that my neck was swelling and that my vision was ever so slightly impaired. I am complete hypercondriac and nothing was in the slightest way wrong with me at all but it was honestly the scariest 30 minutes of my life. Luckily and I think its because I had left my hair for so long that the henna was pretty weak, it was a great success and I am now sporting some glorious un-rooty locks. So hurrah for me really but if you are in a similar henna based situation please do a strand test as so few ladies can pull off bald or pondy... 


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