Monday, 27 December 2010

new tattoo...

Well it's come round to that time again... the tattooists chair is beckoning me! I'm getting that itch that only someone who has had a tattoo knows... I don't get why there's this great stigma around tattoos and that "you'll regret it when your older" this is a load of twaddle... well no its not but I think you need to be completely in love with the design, you've got to think long and hard over it, leave the picture don't look at it for a while, come back to it still love it. A tattoo that is quickly chosen on a whim, yes that is probably something your going to regret when your older but if you research and perfect the idea you will love it forever! 

So I've had a few days of perusing ideas and I would completely love a half sleeve, the only thing is I think the man friend would but an immediate block on the idea- he already says I have enough and my arms arn't as lean and youthful as I would like them to be and I would want to put a tattoo onto an exquisite Picasso worthy canvas, not an old piece of sack stretched over two bits of stick. So I'm unsure of placement yet, but general initial ideas are along the lines of:

Loooove these soooo much!! 

How ridiculously cute are these, makes me weep with happiness a little bit!
So I'm gonna keep whittling away at the idea until it forms a perfectly clear little matchstick in my head and I will keep you updated!


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