Saturday, 27 November 2010

Vintage Queen...

Anyone who knows me knows that i am obsessed with the 1940's and 50's. I just think it was the most beautiful few years . A time of true romance and true fashion. Music that I never tire of hearing and films that I never tire of viewing! The years where Vivien Leigh and Rita Hayworth reigned supreme. Where Marilyn Monroe and Lauren Bacall plotted to marry a millionaire and Judy Garland was bound for St. Louis....
So last Halloween I donned my 1940's housewife dress with such gusto it was quite scary! I was giddy for about a month before it verged on the ridiculous, but one problem was that i was really struggling with what to do with my hair and make up.. that was until i stumbled across this lady:

The lady literally saves my day! Her hair and make up tips are AMAAAAAZING and I've been using her pages religiously ever since! She has a video for literally every occasion and there all really clear and simple and practical to follow. She has also converted me to a huge amount of products that my face would be now miserable without! Also the woman's a fellow red-head! Us ladies gotta stick together and represent! 

A few of my favourite videos are:

Fun and Festive look- Will most definitely be rocking this look for my christmas eve meal with the ladies. 

Since I write a blog on cooking and hair could this video be more appropriate!?! I intend to make this Lemon Ice Box Pie asap, but I'm going to have to make it a bit more english because i can't get hold of Eagle Brand Condensed milk anywhere! 

The Judy Jetson!!!! Easy advice on how to achieve the look of surely the most glamorous mum on television! 

The Video that started off my Lisa Obsession.... The 1940's Pageboy! I've repeated this look so many times now, the method is fool-proof and never lets me down!

This is a great everyday hair! I wear it sooo much and it works a treat if you probably should have washed your hair but need to get another day out of it.

So i urge you to go check her out, she has a blog here on blogspot: or just search Lisa Freemont Street into youtube, you will not be disappointed and there's a look for everyone! 

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