Monday, 15 November 2010

To Henna or not to Henna??

Well, here's my predicament... After so much bleaching of my hair it was starting to very closely resemble a Wurzel Gummage style fright-wig. After a bit of searching and asking about, a few friends recommended to me that I should try henna dye... So I took myself off down to the lovely LUSH, one of my favourite shops ever! I have a complete excited little girl breakdown every time i go in there and could happily re mortgage my house for an extra bar of the brilliant Honey-I-Washed-The-Kids Toffee/Fudge soap...


And in Billy Connelly style I digress... 

So In the end I decided to purchase a bar of their Caca Rouge. It comes in a block and you have to grate it down and mix it with boiling hot water to create a thick sludge that you paste on your hair and leave for approximately 6 hours... Little tip!! If you want the hair brighter mix in a bit of lemon juice to your mix, for more of a deeper tone, mix in a little coffee powder.


Well my hair turned out great and I was quite happy with it. BUT! 
Not being the brightest little chicken i didn't think about re-growth and with Henna, it is pretty much a law that you cannot put regular "dye at home" style hairdye on it. The salts and chemicals mix horribly and the end result is usually either pond green hair that has to be dyed over professionally with a dark colour which is going to cost you an absolute fortune!!!!! or your hair breaks off and you have to have the pixiest of pixie cuts  and its going to take you a veery long time to regrow! 

Well, I had already pre lightened my hair so the henna came out great but now i am stuck with a complete roots problem! Because my hair is growing through darker the henna will not cover my roots to match the rest of my hair, so im stuck in the middle of a sticky situation..... The plan that I have come up with is as follows:

I am using the brilliant La Riche Directions Hairdye


It comes in a huge range of bright and exciting colours and is a vegetable dye so it is safe enough to use over the Henna as theres no chemicals for it to react with. But I am left with a case of very noticable roots see!

That's me in the middle out with the ladies. So im going to persist with this whole vegetable dye business for a few weeks.... I don't know how I will cope with these roots, there my biggest fear! Then hopefully after a few weeks my hair will be sufficiently coated in vegetable dye that I can go at it with a regular home dying kit. I will of course be doing a strand test to see how it reacts with my hair and then condition, condition, condition!! So, back to my original question, to Henna or not to Henna? I would definitely do it again if I hadn't bleached my hair and wasn't going to have the whole roots debacle, It left my hair in beautiful condition and was silky smooth for weeks! But on hair that has been lightened and the no mixing of bleaches and Henna   upkeep is just not possible! So i'll keep you all posted on how it goes, If im posting bald pictures, you know not so well!! Keep the hairdye faith!!


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