Sunday, 29 May 2011

Well today has been a productive day in the food stakes... I'm road testing my rainbow cupcakes and so far- pretty positive! It's all very well for me to say "these are genuinely the best thing to be invented since the wedge platform..." but I need genuine independent, non bribed and biased confirmation. If these are going to make it into the book they need to be indestructible. It needs to be a failsafe method that will not disappoint and after a lot of toil I think i have achieved it. I think. The pictures posted yesterday came from my 14th batch of cupcake batter and along the way there have been some horrors. We had batch 5 where I got cocky and thought I may have broken a kind of universal baking barrier and science no longer applied to me. I was wrong. The outsides and top just kind of crusted over and the inside was a sunken eggy/milky/curdled mess.. Too much wet not enough dry. Then there was batch 8, in a kind of over compensating for earlier mistakes mode, which was hard as iron and we could have used it to hammer in nails/bowl with. It takes a lot of work to iron out all the kinks in an idea but slowly Im getting there and "cooking kawaii" (working title as yet) will be an awesome, stupendous, fantazmaghorical oracle of cooking!! Promise! 



  1. Your cupcakes look amazing! Especially with the coconut on top. I've been trying to comment for a few days but blogger wouldn't let me. (or maybe it was my crappy computer, I'm on my phone now) i think I might try your recipe, it does sound tastier than mine.
    I also like the drawings you've been posting, very cute!

  2. Hello lovely! Well when i tried posting a comment on your blog the other day i had to retry loooads! So maybe blogger's been having a few problems... Yes please do try them out and let me know your thoughts, good and bad...if im ever going to turn these into a cookbook i need some testers! glad you like the drawings too, they've been keeping me busy, tho not as busy as