Monday, 23 May 2011

I want I want I want!

 Love a bit of kawaii jewellery action. In major big squishy love with the panda necklace.

find them at


  1. I'm glad you're back. Your blog is wonderful and I was missing it. Congrats on your awesome looking wedding and new baby!

  2. Im glad to be back!!! I've missed your blog too!! Seems you've been a bad blogger too (tho not as bad as me) so that makes me feel a little better for my tardy-ness... but not much haha. Thanks so much the wedding was amazing!! a complete cheese fest!! and Dolly is a tiny wonder! many more pics to come!! x

  3. I've been trying the past week to be a better blogger, but it's Spring! I just want to be outside, haha. And my internet SUCKS so it takes five years to upload pictures. Boo!

    I soooo want a tiny puppy, but for now I'll live through you, haha.

  4. I wish i could use spring as an excuse its absolutely miserable weather here in england! sooo much rain!! Yes, just live out the tiny ridiculous dog dream thru Dolly... if you had her you would send her back haha!! I want to try and find her some super kawaii clothes! like a little lolita dress!!