Thursday, 3 February 2011

Where is the romance???

I'm struggling a bit to try and find the man friend a good Valentines Day present. I had my eye on a really beautiful Vivienne Westwood jumper for him, but when I asked his opinion on it, he said he 

"would probably only get gravy down it and ruin it" 

so not to bother!?!?! I have never known anyone in my life turn down Westwood!! Makes me feel a little sick! I asked him as to whether he had any thoughts on a suitable gift for me  and he said he bought me some new clothes the other day. I reasoned with him that these clothes were necessities as, after loosing 4 stone, my others didn't really fit me too well anymore. He then replied "we'll you can have those wedges you had your eye on".... NO!!! I hate to sound ungrateful but it is Valentines Day! Where has the romance gone? Surprise me and woo me like a proper man. Don't make me buy my own gift! Horrific! So my plea, to any male that may stumble across this post. ROMANCE YOUR LADY! and under no circumstance make her buy her own present! Okay?? Good stuff, now we have that sorted, cup of tea time yes?? 


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