Thursday, 3 February 2011

Photo challenge

Im starting this blog with yet another apology! I feel like we have hit a rocky patch in our marriage and I'm not commited enough, esentially I'm Tommy Lee and your Pamela. My lack of commitment at the moment is posting nothing except my photo challenges. I have some good food blogs in the pipeline and some uber cute stuff too but its having the time to do them but I will get there in the next week, just bear with me and you shall be rewarded bountifully my beauties. Todays photo challenge is:
Day 13 – Your favorite musician and why?
and it is sooooooooooo hard to answer. I love so much music, its one of the biggest things in my life and choosing just one musician over another is cripplingly hard. A few of my all time stars are:
  • the mama's and the papa's 
  • al green
  • ike and tina
  • the animals
  • dusty springfield
  • the andrews sisters
  • glen miller
  • janis joplin
  • ella fitzgerald 
  • the lovin' spoonful
  • aretha franklin
but as an overall artist, because I don't just love her music, I love her clothes, her HAIR, her humour, it would probably be Paloma Faith. She makes me melt and I am complete lady love with her. 



  1. Haha, you sound like me. All I've been posting are these too. I keep losing followers for being BOOOORING! But don't worry, I can wait till you're in the posting mood again.
    xo- Roslynn

  2. I know!!! I'm working hard to get followers and I think I'm just going to be deserted. I keep seeing bits and thinking I'll blog that and I've cooked looooads but the cooking ones take an age to post and I just haven't got the time this week! gaah! Like Arnie- I'll be back! xx